Patsy - Shining Future Foundation

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for a stunning performance at the fundraiser on Sunday afternoon. I acknowledge that you have a busy professional life, so the commitment to perform for us was immensely appreciated. I suspect that it's the passion for music that drives you. Love the new hairstyle and enjoyed your show immensly.
I and the rest of the committee here at Shining Futures would like to take this opportunity to thank you. Again your vocals, harmonies and dexterity on the keyboard are tapestry that binds the fabric together. It was a classy and quality performance from start to finish.
As I've mentioned to Dave, people from the audience commented how we afforded such classy musicians. I told people you and Dave made me an offer I couldn't refuse... the gracious pleasure of your company.
The way we view the quality and depth of life, is the sincerity and depth of the company we keep. Our friends are mirrors who reflect who we are back at us... I like what I see.

A sterling effort, for a worthy cause.

Jim Johnson, 10th October 2010

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