Where: Tamworth NSW Australia Tour- 2013 - see below for our current gigs......
Date: From 11 January 2013 - 27 January 2013


Saturday 12th January 2013- RADIO INTERVIEW with Sandy Sweeney 2ARM-92.1FM from 12.00 noon.

Monday 14th January 2013-  OASIS HOTEL   from 9.00.p.m.-10.00.p.m.

Thursday 17th January 2013- OASIS HOTEL from 9.00.p.m.- 10.00.p.m.

Friday 18th January 2013- COUNCIL HQ. STAGE- Peel Street from 9.00.a.m.-9.15.a.m (TSA SHOWCASE)

Friday 18th January 2013- TUDOR HOTEL UPSTAIRS 3.30.p.m.- 6.30.p.m.

Saturday 19th January 2013- POST OFFICE HOTEL 10.00.a.m. (TSA SHOWCASE)

Saturday 19th January 2013- K MART STAGE- 3.00.p.m.-4.00.p.m.

Saturday 19th January 2013- OASIS HOTEL- 6.00.p.m.-7.00.p.m.

Sunday 20th January 2013- WEST LEAGUES OUTBACK BAR- 2.00.p.m.- 2.30.p.m (TSA SHOWCASE)

Sunday 20th January 2013- CASCADA RESTAURANT- DINNER AND A SHOW-from 6.00.p.m..

Monday 21st January 2013- CASCADA RESTAURANT- DINNER AND A SHOW- from 6.00.p.m.

Tuesday 22nd January 2013- TUDOR HOTEL from 12.00.NOON- 3.00.p.m.

Tuesday 22nd January 2013- OASIS HOTEL from 5.00.p.m-6.00.p.m.

Wednesday 23rd January 2013- FESTIVAL FM RADIO INTERVIEW at 1.15.p.m.

Wednesday 23rd January 2013-QUIRINDI R.S.L. 6.00.p.m.-8.00.p.m.

Thursday 24th January 2013- KMART STAGE from 4.00.p.m-5.00.p.m.

Thursday 24th January 2013- OASIS HOTEL from 6.00.p.m.-7.00.p.m.

Friday 25th January 2013- TUDOR HOTEL BACK BAR from 3.30.p.m.-6.30.p.m.

Saturday 26th January 2013- OASIS HOTEL from 8.00.p.m.-9.00.p.m.





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